A clean office is just as important for your team, as it is for your customers.

Is your office making the best first impression possible? Are employees feeling safe, comfortable and confident that they’re working in a hygienic environment?

A clean office environment encourages greater productivity and less distraction. It also shows that your company has attention to detail and cares about its image.

Are you struggling with your current office cleaner?

Excellence & Honesty

Boss Office Cleaning are the established, reliable and consistent office cleaners you can trust. With over 15 years of experience, our expertise, integrity and cost-effective solutions will save you time and money, keep your premises safe, and support your business image.

Our carefully designed, flexible cleaning schedules give you the support you need, when you need it. This might be anything from a regular daily clean to a one-off deep clean.

First impressions count

We understand that first impressions count, we can offer the cleanest possible workplace at sensible prices all year round. We'll ensure your visitors step into a welcoming, clean environment and you can be confident that your office work space will be smartly presented at all times. What’s more, all of our cleaning products and methods are environmentally safe, so you needn’t have any concerns there either.


In addition to our office cleaning, we can provide complimentary cleaning services which include supplying:

  • Washroom soap dispensers and equipment
  • Hand soap
  • Paper hand towels
  • toilet rolls
  • Urinal blocks
  • Window cleaning
  • Computer and electronic equipment cleaning
  • Tea towel exchange service
  • Urinal blocks


How clean is clean?

While methods to clean and sanitize surfaces and equipment in the cleaning industry vary, the need to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices is universal. Contaminated surfaces and equipment can quickly lead to microbial contamination, and ultimately, the infection of staff.

At Boss Office Cleaning, we conduct regular objective monitoring practises by using the ATP cleaning verification system on a monthly basis to provide accurate and meaningful objective cleaning results that can help make sure that very high cleaning standards are maintained.

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Our clients choose us because:

  • Quality Control is managed effectively. We are a hard working boutique business
  • Our clients value our consistency in cleaning
  • 15 Years Experience: We have the experience & training to provide a thorough clean
  • Good Communication: We address client concerns, questions or issues with a ONE HOUR GUARANTEED Callback
  • As our client, you deal with Michael, the owner of Boss Office Cleaning on all levels
  • No one does a better job than the owner
  • Guaranteed effectiveness! We GUARANTEE the effectiveness of our cleaning process and chemicals for complete customer